Reptile Keeper


"Music is in every part of life - live it."

Joshua was born in Tampa, Florida and moved to Alabama around the age of eleven. He went to high school in Fort Payne, AL where the famous country group, Alabama, hung their hats. Joshua went to high school with their kids and has even jammed in bands with Alabama's former drummer. 
College was just right up the mountain where Josh went to school for music education. Very blessed to have had the state's top band directors and music instructors, he learned several brass instruments like trumpet and French horn. 
But eventually he outgrew that small town and searched for bigger things. 
Moving to Austin, Texas in 2013 was primarily to pursue more music teaching opportunities and the fact that ATX was The Live Music Capital of the World was not known until after the move. 
Although Joshua hasn't joined an orchestra or wind ensemble just yet, he keeps up with trumpet and French horn between projects where he plays piano, guitar, and sings in various bands across the state.

Joshua can be found teaching music lessons, recording and editing in the studio, performing on stage, or in the snake room tending to animals - vlogging it all!

Music Instructor
School of Rock Round Rock

(512) 246-7625